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Comic Artist Spotlight: Geoffrey Gwin

We recently got to meet Geoffrey Gwin at Quality Comix in Montgomery, AL and were very excited to come across his work for the first time. We ended up buying several art prints from him and wish we'd been able to get even more.

Geoffrey is from Grove Hill, AL and he has worked with a lot of small press and gaming companies in the past and is open for commissions and other comic/design work. He is also working on his own project, Dojo DJ. He currently resides near Birmingham, AL. You can find him at shows and other events where he offers original art, art prints, awesome sketch covers, and more.

Here are the art prints we snatched up:

Mad Max Fury Road Art Print by Geoffrey Gwin

Being our favorite movie we are always a sucker for Mad Max Fury Road art.

Judge Dredd Art Print by Geoffrey Gwin

Geoffrey's style fits Judge Dredd pretty much perfectly for me.

Poison Ivy and Batman Art Print by Geoffrey Gwin

Poison Ivy & Batman was the very first piece we spotted that we absolutely had to have.

On his website he has a lot of pieces from his portfolio for you to check out. Here is a small sampling of some more of his work:

Deadpool Sketch Cover Art by Geoffrey GwinBatman and Catwoman Art by Geoffrey Gwin

Phoenix Art by Geoffrey Gwin

You can find a nice portfolio section and information on ordering commissions/art on his website

He's also on Twitter & Facebook.

Check him out! Throw money at him! Snatch that GI-Fro sketch cover he has before we're forced to do it!

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