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Gump City Con - Montgomery, AL

This past weekend Montgomery had it's first convention. Just over 2,000 people attended and especially for a first year con the event was great to attend and here's hoping to many successful years in the future. The venue even came off as being a little too small for everything inside so perhaps an upgrade will be in the near future.

Wizard World just announced a Montgomery show added to their tour in October and it's hard to imagine that it wasn't brought about in part because of the buzz surrounding this event. I remember days when we were lucky to have some comic vendors getting a day to set up in the local mall and now people are finally starting to pay attention to the community here.

The geek community in the area has always been small-ish but passionate with not too many outlets other than a couple of comic shops, a card/gaming shop, and a geek bar to call home. It is extremely nice to see things expand here. The crowd at the Gump City Con was enthusiastic and some quality cosplay was on display.

Dava Renee Harley Quinn Cosplay

Cosplay Guest and Judge Dava Renee of Albuquerque rocking her Bombshells Harley Quinn with one of my friends that attended.

One of the main things we love about cons is getting to meet artists and creators and thankfully we got to meet a few this past weekend:


Firstly was painter Dimitri who had a lot of awesome work and I loved his mashups. We ended up walking away from his table with multiple prints and will likely end up running some giveaways for a couple of them in the future. Check him out on Twitter or on Facebook.

Paintings by Dimitri Deadpool Slaying in the Rain

Dimitri's Deadpool/Singing in the Rain mashup 'Slaying in the Rain'

While not really comic related I also wanted to mention another artist because my wife fell in love with her work and some of you that like all kinds of art like we do might be interested. Stina B. Art does a lot of creatures and different designs so check her out as well!


We also were happy to get to meet a couple of independent comic creators and as always we are here to help promote their work and help more people find them. I'm looking forward to digging into these soon and getting up some reviews.

Julian of Red Crow Comics was extremely nice and passionate about his work.

Red Crow Comics Bermuda City and Salta Comics

Check out Bermuda City #1 and Salta #1 as well as some web series over at or find them on Twitter @RedCrowComics.

The other comic artist we were introduced to for the first time was Brett Brooks who had a new comic series Deuces Wild and a trade graphic novel Dust Bunny. Dust Bunny just sounded amusing and interesting so while it may take me a little longer to try and get to a review of that I can't wait to dive into it.

Check out Deuces Wild #1 or the Dust Bunny Trade Paperback at or find him on Twitter @thebrettbrooks

We'd like to give a special shoutout to Mike Taylor of GT South Geek & Gaming Tavern and everyone else that was involved or volunteered on Saturday. Thank you guys for doing this event right for Montgomery! I'm hoping in the next year or two to be able to set up a vendor booth there and get to enjoy the show from the other side of the table.

And lastly to the other good stuff! A con is no fun without a little long box hunting and while we didn't find tons of books we did find a few things we were really happy with. Found a nice stash of Adam Hughes Wonder Woman covers as well as Jack Kirby's The Demon #1 and a couple of Inhumans and the Black Widow comics as well.

Adam Hughes Wonder Woman Covers

Demon #1 Comic

Inhumans and the Black Widow Comics


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