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Road Trips and Other Updates

Wanted to leave an update for everyone. I'll be away until 4/29 to take a road trip to hunt down some new comic stores and finds for the site. Expect to start seeing some of them going up on the site in May. We'll be shipping orders again on 4/30. Apologies for the delay but I hope you understand.

I still haven't gotten to any of the reviews or Kickstarter updates lately. The blog has had to take a bit of a backseat for now while I'm trying to get more items listed. Chances are it will still be a little while before I'm fully able to get where I want to on this section of the page. I am trying to rearrange some things to give myself more time for Social Media and posts on here. To all the creators that have contacted us and expected to see a review I am really sorry. Some health issues and other things have been coming up and setting back my plans for this area of the site.

One thing that I'm excited about is that we are steadily closing in on $1,000 in charitable donations through Spencer Comics. I want to sincerely thank everyone that has bought items from us here or on eBay as it has been a big help in allowing us to be able to do more for causes we care about. I hope one day to see that number grow in ways that I never could have fully expected when launching this thing.

See everyone in a week... hopefully loaded down with new comics to share with you!

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