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Week of 01/22/18 Kickstarter Comic Roundup

 The Kickstarter Roundup is back once again (nevermind that it was supposed to have been back much sooner).

Here are the 4 books we're most excited about this week on Kickstarter:

1.) Neptune Radio - From writer Garrett Krebs and artist Bong Dazo (Deadpool, Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic) comes Neptune Radio. Wastelands, bounty hunters, monkeys. We've seen many of these things before but it looks pretty cool in this package.

 2.) Penny For Your Soul Volume 4 - This tale about Lucifer's daughter comes from the creative team of writer/creator Tom Hutchinson, artist JB Neto, and colorist Whitney Cook. These volumes are all written with new readers in mind but the option to pick up the earlier volumes is available. There are some nice stretch rewards as well as some super nice variant covers from artists like Bill McKay, Ryan Kincaid, & Ula Mos.

3.) The Synthetics #1 - The Synthetics #1 is a 56-page comic featuring three bizarre stories of robot life, in which we see how different robots' lives intersected with a robot revolt on Mars. Writer Julian Darius as well as artists Steven Legge (Necropolitan) and Andre Siregar (Kimot Ren, The Lost Fleet) join forces to bring you robot gladiators and sentient killer robot apartments -- I know you're ready to buy it based on that alone but there's also more. Check out the link down below for all your robot revolution needs.

4.) The Author's Apprentice - This project was a webcomic collaboration between illustrator Chechula and author Jessi Eichberger. In the printed edition you'll get the entire webcomic run as well as 14 included mini-comics featuring the work of a lot of talented guest artists.

Links to these projects available here:

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  • Lots of cool looking projects! I’ll have to swing through the Kickstarters and take a look!

    Ryan Kroboth

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