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Week of 08/21 Kickstarter Comic Roundup

Hey everyone! We've got some really nice comics to let you in on this week.

1. First up on our list is Red Velvette #3 by one of our favorite Zenescope cover artists, Joe Pekar. Be sure to get in on that one.

2. Scissor Sisters is up next which is another issue by a local comic publisher named Inverse Press that has some nice books and seem to be growing well.

3. Third on our list is Combat Dunkirk which is a nice tribute to comic artist Sam Glanzman by republishing some long out of print work of his in new collections and comics. If you're a fan of the old Combat books from Dell Comics you'll want to keep an eye on these Kickstarters in the future.

4. If you love J Scott Campbell's art you should look at Mutant Chasers #2 as Paul Green has some beautiful cover work on this book that is similar in style to Campbell's work. The interior art is very nice as also.

5. Art books! By Art! We love to collect art books from our favorite artists and Kickstarter has been a great place to look for those. Art Thibert has posted one there that you shouldn't miss out on.

6. Mike Watson is re-releasing his Hotshot Universe to help secure funding for future books. This is a nice opportunity to pick up a lot of independent comics at once.

7. You had us at Lesbian Cyborg Assassins. UWS Comics is out to release Knights of Kevlar #2 which looks like a fully wild and fun independent ride. There is also a nice risque variant cover available if you're into that sort of thing (hint: we are too!)

8. Robots vs. Princesses? It's not even a fair fight. Robots don't stand a chance. I love oddball vs. titles and this one definitely fits the bill.




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