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Week of 09/04 Kickstarter Roundup

Hello Kickstarter and indie comic lovers to another week of comics to check out! As always there are a lot of good books to find and enjoy and we're hoping to help you find a few.

1.) First up this week is Prom of the Dead from creators Dave Dwonch formerly of Action Lab and artist Santiago Guillen. Breakfast Club Meets Walking Dead you say? Awesome we say. If you are into limited print runs this project offers some extremely low print run cover options for you.

2.) Writer Bob Salley and artist Chris Gevenois are bringing the sci-fi tale Salvagers volume 2 to trade paperback. The preview panels on display on the project page look crisp and full of great looking alien characters. Volume 1 is available as a reward as well to help get you caught up.

3.) Want a digital comic for a buck? Don't have any deer to trade? How about a digital comic for a $1? Now I've got your attention. Does the comic have giant mutant caterpillars you ask? You'd gladly pay up to $3.99 for giant mutant caterpillars you say? Well guess what Mr. Fancypants, you can get this digital comic and have access to a giant mutant caterpillar for that same $1. Mitch Hammer: Construction Mutant by Chris Lewis and Fernando Pinto looks like a lot of fun. Plus people... one dollar. 

4.) Ladies' Night Anthology Vol 5. Sisters is up next. Grabbing up an anthology is a great way to be introduced to new creators and expand your range of interests. There is a lot of talent on display in these books (many of which have gone on to other projects you may now know and love). There are also still some rewards available for getting all five volumes for just $40. Hard to beat that deal. So don't try to beat it, just grab it.

5.) Captain Freedom: Combat Hate! brings back a Golden Age hero originally appearing in Speed Comics that is now in the public domain. Writer Dan Taylor and artist D.J. Coffman are teaming up on this one and based on the cover and some art available on D.J. Coffman's Twitter appear to be keeping a bit of the classic comic art look with this book. 

6.) Monsterwood Book 2: Awakening by Jason Rosen is a fantasy graphic novel in similar vein to The Hobbit or the Dark Crystal. Watch the video on the project page to get a glimpse of Book 1 and see some of the beautiful art and creature design on display. A book 1 + 2 bundle is available as a backer reward.

7.) The Dead Palace horror anthology from Jim Ousley and Benjamin Sawyer might be for you if you love horror comics and like to get a variety of stories. Besides any comic with the words Evil Robots and Demonic Drug Cartels right next to each other deserves a look.

8.) With a beautifully creepy cover the Diskordia Book 2 hardcover immediately caught my eye and hopefully will catch your's too. Creator Rivenis has been creating the surreal fantasty Diskordia as a webcomic since 2011. Book 1 is also available for those that like to catch up on things.


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