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Week of 09/11 Kickstarter Comic Roundup

Hello everyone, another week of digging through Kickstarter for some fun stuff to fund. Let's get right to it!

1.) The 4th Monkey: An Anthology for Awareness - Anthologies are always a nice way to introduce yourself to a lot of writers and artists at once and this book is put together by James E Roche and Daniel Farrand and has over 20 comic creators involved and covers a pretty wide variety of story topics. Check out the link below to see a lot of sample work from the book. The reward tiers are very fairly priced as well to grab a nice collection of work.

2.) Coronary -Episode 2 - As a huge fan of Image comics wide range of titles I can easily say that Coronary by Ryan Burke, Joel Saavedra, & Damian Penalba looks like it would fit very easily into their catalog of offerings. If you missed out on the first issue you can snag a digital copy of #1 with every reward tier over $7.

3.) Death: Kid #1 - While there isn't a lot of interior art to go on the cover art for Death: Kid caught my eye and interest. I do love seeing a book sticking with grayscale to impact the mood it is going for. The physical copies come with preview pages for creator David Jackson's Super Legion book as well which also has some nice looking art. Go check it out at the link below and see if the artwork grabs you like it did me.

4.) Heroes of the Home Front - This looks like a must-have book for people that just love comic history. Featuring artwork and history of Canada's WWII Bell Features comics it's hard to go wrong with a large book with tons of artwork and stories/histories that you may not know otherwise.

5.) Lady of Wrath - Austin Chuck-Yin's Lady of Wrath looks like an action packed book and the artwork of Oliver Castaneda is absolutely gorgeous. Seriously, do yourself a favor and go look at the sample pages provided - the page 21 action sequence panels are a thing of a beauty.

6.) Shadow Play #1 - Be sure to watch the video on this page for a lot of art samples of the pages. This looks like a fun all ages fantasy book to get in on at the ground floor. Presented by Alex Lobato & Richard Rivera with artwork by Clara Meath.

7.) Sunmaker #1 - From Liam Hayes and artist Ryan Kroboth comes this frozen apocalyptic fantasy stories that seems to draw on a lot of different things while still looking very original. You can get the PDF version of the book for just $1 which seems like a hard deal to pass up. So like... don't... okay?

8.) No Road Home #0 - More post apocalyptic stuff? What is this the blog of someone that likes post apocalyptic stuff? It is? Carry on then. Trent Dugas and Charlie Pineau have obviously spent a lot of time building the world of this comic and the other comics to come from it after this release so now would be a good time to go ahead and get started delving into it.



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