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Week of 10/02 Kickstarter Comic Roundup

Hello everyone! Very sorry that I missed putting out anything last week as there are tons of cool projects running constantly that I hate to miss but a much needed vacation was in order and the beach called before I could get to the Kickstarter Roundup.

But thankfully we have come back to find a wide variety of awesome projects for you to check into from cool looking all ages fare all the way to an erotic superhero book. That's not necessarily the best combo to tie into one article but it is what it is. Just don't confuse the two when you go to buy them or share them with people and we'll all be okay.

1.) New and Improved - Up first this week we have New and Improved by writer Tara Flynn and artist Anthony Spay. The book looks amazing (no shock coming from Anthony Spay) and the premise is interesting. This is issue 1 of a five issue series so it would be a great time to step on board the train for Cool-ville.

2.) Angels Power Volume 1 - From creator Amélie Hutt, Angels Power is a fully painted fantasy softcover with over 300 pages. The painted pages are beautiful and the Kickstarter exclusive cover is gorgeously eye-catching, not to mention semi haunting in the best way. Lots of samples are available on the Kickstarter page linked below.

3.) The Complete Girls With Slingshots - I have to admit that I've been way behind on following webcomics and thus missed this one by Danielle Corsetto originally but it looks like a great comic with fun characters to get a collection of. Iron Circus Comics consistently puts out a lot of great stuff that would be hard to find otherwise and has a great track record on Kickstarter if you worry about that sort of thing.

4.) Pixie Dust - From Russell Nohelty and artist Nic Touris comes Pixie Dust, a fantasy hardcover. A pixie gets betrayed and returns as an undead monster for revenge? Sounds awesome to me. Nic's art style really adds a fun flair to this book.

5.) Dangerous Curves vs. Mavrix - An erotic superhero battle featuring multiple books by artist, Shade. If you like the more risque side of the comic book world then chances are you won't want to miss out on this book. The added level to the Kickstarter project of picking sides and having it impact the books a bit is a cool bonus. There is also access to an X-Rated Digital Pinup Magazine if that's something that floats your boat - just don't let Pennywise the Clown get that boat. That could be painful.

6.) Meridian #1 - One of my earliest introductions into a more adult style of animation was MTV's Liquid Television with Aeon Flux so that was the first thought that popped into my mind when I found this project on Kickstarter and started looking through the book's artwork. Creator Ken Krekeler then mentioned he was greatly influenced by the art of Aeon Flux and that added even more to my excitement with this book. A spy thriller set in dystopian world with unique art? What are you waiting on people? Click the link below.

7.) The Little Warrior Issue #1 & #2 - Joshua Gegen and Joshua M. Allen have combined their Joshua powers to the cause of bringing a fantasy adventure aimed at younger readers but also interesting enough for all ages. Several preview pages are available below showing bits of the story. Joshua Allen's art and color work look like a great fit for this type of tale.

8.) War is Hell, C.H.E.S.S. & Cerberus Dual Kickstarter - The Powerverse continues to expand with Andrew Hines' Cerberus and Alfred Paige's C.H.E.S.S. both available in this Kickstarter. I love the efforts being put into expanding a connected multiverse using Kickstarter. Another bonus to this project is some of the tiers partially go to help the victims of recent hurricanes.



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