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Week of 11/06 Kickstarter Comic Roundup

Sorry for missing a few weeks posting these. Vacations and life have gotten in the way lately but I will endeavor to try and get back on a weekly schedule. We are going to cut back how many projects we list in one post but we'll try to get them up more often to make up for it. We also post a lot of them onto Twitter and Pinterest if you'd like to give us a follow there to see what we're looking at.

If you have a preference between this format and the old format feel free to let us know.

Anyway, enough about little ol' me. Let's get right into it.

1.) Sad Girl Psycho Baby - If you've seen the Spencer Comics covers of the weeks posts then chances are you know that I'm a fan of Dan Mendoza's work on Zombie Tramp and Dollface. Now he is working to set up his own comic imprint Still Ill Princess. This book is the first step toward that goal and we'll be wishing him much success going forward.

2.) Stairway - Here's a chance to get in early on a Top Cow Production comic featuring some an interesting story about DNA/creation and featuring some top-notch artwork from the creative team behind Symmetry, Matt Hawkins & Raffaele Ienco.

3.) Jamie Tyndall Artbooks - We have been fans of Jamie Tyndall's work for years in particular on the Grimm Fairy Tales covers and are excited to see this Kickstarter pop up with a chance to get multiple art books all at once. Tons of beautiful art here for you to admire.

4.) Stoker and Wells - By writer Steven Peros and artist Barry Orkin, Stoker and Wells is a story about Bram Stoker and HG Wells heading out on an adventure together that leads to the inspiration for some of their most well loved stories. The sample pages available look awesome and we can't wait to see this one out there.

Links to these projects available here:

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