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Captain America #361 Cover Front
Captain America #361 Cover Back

Captain America #361 Regular Kieron Dwyer Cover (1989)

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Condition Notes: Spine ticks/breaks; Some cover overlap and wear around edges

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Released: 1989

Cover Artist: Kieron Dwyer

Description: The Bloodstone Hunt continues under the sands of Egypt. Captain America and Diamondback battle snakes, scorpions, and the living mummy! Back up story: "Augmentation!" Part 4 of the Night of the Scourge. Story by Mark Gruenwald. Art by Mark Bright and Don Hudson. Scourge is closing in on the Power Broker, so Curtiss Jackson only has one option left: undergo augmentation himself!

Writer: Kieron Dwyer; Mark Gruenwald

Pencils: Kieron Dwyer

Inks: Danny Bulanadi

Colors: Bob Sharen; Greg Wright

Letters: John Morelli