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Executive Assistant Assassins #16 Cover Front
Executive Assistant Assassins #16 Cover Back

Executive Assistant Assassins #16 Regular Jordan Gunderson Cover (2013)

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Condition Notes: A few small spine ticks/breaks; Bent/creased corner at top right

Publisher: Aspen

Released: 1999

Cover Artist: Jordan Gunderson

Description: A brand-new Assassins storyline begins! The 'Blood Origin' three-part storyline kicks off as the cruel history of the first Executive Assistant Academy forged many years ago is brutally exposed. Nestled alongside a barren and treacherous mountain range in China, within a spiritual Chinese village of hard living--a school of honor and discipline was introduced that would change the landscape forever. Meet Daffodil, the first graduate of the academy, as she discovers that a new world awaits those who cannot only fend for themselves-but also, use their vicious abilities to help those of great power!

Writer: Vince Hernandez

Pencils: Jordan Gunderson