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Army of Darkness #10 Variant Cover Front
Army of Darkness #10 Variant Cover Back

Army of Darkness #10 Stjepan Sejic Variant Cover (2006)

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Condition Notes: Some very small spine ticks/breaks

Publisher: Dynamite Comics

Released: 2006

Cover Artist: Stjepan Sejic

Description: Aaawhooo, werewolves of Detroit, aaaawhooo! Under the full moon Ash's world goes to the dogs as he faces a pack of savage lycanthropes and learns 16th century definition to "hair of the dog that bit me." Rampaging in the past as werewolf, Ash discovers a new adversary: Eva St. George, the mysterious Daughter of the Dead. But can a strange sexy cursed girl with an infamous bloodline find a way to cure him before she is forced to turn her shapely silver swords on the Chosen One? Trapped in time, betrayed by allies, and looking for the nearest fire hydrant, our canine hero must ditch his new Lon Chaney Jr. persona and get back to the present to stop Dracula and his undead cronies from draining New York like a drunken bum at an honor bar. The ultimate horror showdown continues as Ash faces off with Dracula for the lost soul of vampiric Sugarbaby!

Writer: James Kuhoric

Pencils: Kevin Sharpe