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Army of Darkness #6 Variant Cover Front
Army of Darkness #6 Variant Cover Back

Army of Darkness #6 Jamie Biggs Variant Cover (2006)

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Publisher: Dynamite Comics

Released: 2006

Cover Artist: Jamie Biggs

Description: "OLD SCHOOL" Ash is trapped in the old cabin and must sever the Deadite spirit anchor before the twisted creatures inhabiting the hovel feast on his soul. Somewhere in the darkest corner of the ghastly fruit cellar the long buried secret waits for him while the spirit responsible for the horrors unleashed in the woods bides its time for a chance at the Chosen One and its own unworthy salvation. It's a return to "Rami-esque" storytelling as Army of Darkness goes "Old School" and revisits its roots in this tribute to grueling horror storytelling.

Writer: James Kuhoric

Pencils: Kevin Sharpe