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Army of Darkness #8 Variant Cover Front
Army of Darkness #8 Variant Cover Back

Army of Darkness #8 Giuseppe Camuncoli Variant Cover (2006)

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Publisher: Dynamite Comics

Released: 2006

Cover Artist: Giuseppe Camuncoli

Description: He's dismembered Deadites in every form, but never faced a creature born of undead legend. Gathered from the darkest and most remote corners of the globe, the monsters have assembled under the vengeful hand of Dracula to lay siege to the new world. New York is being bled dry by a plague of vampires and Ash must battle the Inner Wolf, the Soulless Man, the Curse of the Ancients, and the Prince of Blood himself before they turn the city that never sleeps into a hotbed of the living dead. Only a bumbling second fiddle monster hunter and our own chainsaw-wielding hero can recover the artifact with the power to destroy the vampires forever. But Ash's disbelief in the monsters of old may be the gateway to his downfall and their ultimate victory. Grab your crucifix and the spare shotgun shells! This is one over-the-top monster mash you don't want to miss!

Writer: James Kuhoric

Pencils: Kevin Sharpe