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War of Kings Ascension #1 Variant Cover Front
War of Kings Ascension #1 Variant Cover Back

War of Kings Ascension #1 Paul Pelletier Variant Cover (2009)

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Publisher: Marvel Comics

Released: 2009

Cover Artist: Paul Pelletier

Description:A WAR OF KING tie-in! Who is Talon? What does he want with the young Earthman that '90s comic junkies know as Chris Powell? What is the shocking truth that connects the hero called Darkhawk not only to the Shi'Ar, but to the larger cosmos? And how does it all lead to a confrontation with Annihilus' forces in the Negative Zone?

Writer: Dan Abnett; Andy Lanning

Pencils:  Wellinton Alves

Inks: Scot Hanna

Colors: Guru eFX

Letters: Virtual Calligraphy [as VC]; Cory Petit