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Vampirella Lady Death #1 Cover Front
Vampirella Lady Death #1 Cover Back

Vampirella Lady Death #1 Regular Louis Small Jr Cover (1999)

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Condition Notes: A few small spine ticks/breaks

Publisher: Harris/Chaos

Released: 1999

Cover Artist: Louis Small Jr

Description: Two of comicdoms’ favorite Goth-chicks pair up for high-heeled mayhem in a one-shot crossover overflowing with blood and bursting with cleavage. Lady Death, the “supernatural demigoddess of destruction,” has traveled to Drakulon with her graveyard army seeking the “Heart of Hell.” Crossing paths with Vampirella, the “last daughter of Lilith,” Lady Death accuses her of hiding the dread artifact. A claw and fang catfight soon ensues. And that’s just the first five pages! Little does either combatant realize how much is truly at stake. Far more than a celebrity grudge match, this is a story dealing with loss, redemption, and the price of power.

Writer: David Conway; Steven Grant

Pencils: Louis Small Jr