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GI Joe #1 Cover Front Signed
GI Joe #1 Cover Front
GI Joe #1 Cover Back
GI Joe #1 Certificate of Authenticity

GI Joe #1 Regular J Scott Campbell Cover (2001) Signed by Josh Blaylock

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Publisher: Image Comics

Released: 2001

Cover Artist: J Scott Campbell

Description:Part 1 of 4. The world's greatest task force returns! When secret government technology disappears into thin air, the clues lead to the unbelievable ? Cobra, the ruthless terrorist faction of the 1980's, hell-bent on world domination ? is back! Only a highly elite squadron of "Real American Heroes" can stop them: G.I.JOE! Old favorites return to usher in a new era of G.I.Joe, and to shut Cobra down before they can slither their way back into American life. With painted back cover by David Michael Beck.

Writer: Josh Blaylock

Pencils: Josh Blaylock (Layouts); Steve Kurth

Inks: John Larter

Colors: Hi-Fi Colour Design