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Book of Death Fall of Bloodshot #1 Yardin Variant Cover Front
Book of Death Fall of Bloodshot #1 Yardin Variant Cover Back

Book of Death Fall of Bloodshot #1 David Yardin Incentive Variant Cover (2015)

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Condition Notes: Some small spine ticks/breaks

Publisher: Valiant Entertainment

Released: 2015

Cover Artist: David Yardin

Description: Bloodshot's ultimate fate in a visionary tale of present and future torn from the pages of BOOK OF DEATH! The lovers he's known, the allies he's trusted… All will eventually return to dust… But will the nanites that transformed Bloodshot - body, mind and soul - ever let him truly rest? For the very first time, read an essential chapter of the Book of the Geomancer as Project Rising Spirit's ultimate walking weapon soldiers on from the modern day into the far future of the Valiant Universe…and reveals the truth behind the very last Bloodshot story that will ever come to pass… Don't miss the never-before-revealed story of Bloodshot's final adventures as BOOK OF DEATH foretells the devastating fate of Valiant's unrelenting soldier…from now to a thousand years hence...

Writer: Jeff Lemire

Pencils: Doug Braithwaite

Inks: Doug Braithwaite

Colors: Brian Reber

Letters: Dave Lanphear