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About Spencer Comics & Collectibles

We love comics and have spent our life dreaming about owning a comic shop. After many years we have finally made that dream a reality. Our primary focus is on variant covers and covers with comic art that we love (which in general is most comic art). 

After years of being stuck in jobs that had nothing to do with comics (the horror!) we finally opened our eBay store in 2015 where we currently have over 1,000 positive feedback. Now we have finally been able to open our own website to better offer our comics to you. You can still find a lot of our other items on eBay.

With Spencer Comics every comic we list is the comic you will receive. We do not use stock photos.

Digging through long boxes has always been one of our favorite past times and we'll be sharing some of our finds on the Digging Comics blog as well as our Instagram feed.

You can follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, or Instagram for even more comic goodness.