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Adventures of Superman #499 Cover Front
Adventures of Superman #499 Cover Back

Adventures of Superman #499 Regular Tom Grummett Cover (1993)

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Condition Notes: Spine ticks/breaks; damaged corner

Publisher: DC Comics

Released: 1993

Cover Artist: Tom Grummett

Description: Part 5 of the 8-part 'Funeral for a Friend,' continued from Superman (1987) #76: Brooding over the death of his greatest obstruction, Superman, Lex Luthor becomes paranoid that Superman is pulling the same hoax on the world as Luthor did - faking his own death! Continued in Action Comics (1938 DC) #686.

Writer: Jerry Ordway

Pencils: Tom Grummett

Inks: Doug Hazlewood

Colors: Glenn Whitmore

Letters: Albert DeGuzman