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Air Raiders #1 Cover Front
Air Raiders #1 Cover Back

Air Raiders #1 Regular Kelley Jones Cover (1987)

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Condition Notes: Spine ticks/breaks; some discoloration/smudge marks

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Released: 1987

Cover Artist: Kelley Jones

Description: On the planet Airlandia, air is more valuable than gold and it's the Air Raiders battling evil ruler Aerozar and his Tyrants of Wind. In this issue, Rokk stuggles with the question of whether or not the Air Raiders have the right to let a village die even if it is for the greater good and will help in the long run in the war in "Sins of the Father."

Writer: Howard Mackie

Pencils: Kelley Jones

Inks:  Jim Sinclair

Colors: Janet Jackson

Letters: Janice Chiang