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Amazing Spider-Man #347 Cover Front
Amazing Spider-Man #347 Cover Back

Amazing Spider-Man #347 Regular Erik Larsen Cover (1991)

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Condition Notes: Some dents on front that are difficult to see on scan; Spine ticks/breaks; Bent/creased corner on back

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Released: 1991

Cover Artist: Erik Larsen

Description: On a deserted island, the Amazing Spider-Man wages a desperate battle for survival vs. the vicious Venom! The wall-crawler is fighting for his life! While Venom is fighting for his death! And this time there isn't any help or rescue on the way! As shown on the twisted cover, Venom plans to quote Hamlet once the battle is over! If the spectacular one doesn't want to play the part of Yorick; he better move fast! To thine own self be true, web-slinger! Cameo appearances by Mary Jane Watson, Willie Lumpkin, Aunt May, Flash Thompson, and the Black Cat.

Writer: David Michelinie

Pencils: Erik Larsen

Inks: Randy Emberlin

Colors: Bob Sharen

Letters: Rick Parker