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Amazing Spider-Man #38 Cover Front
Amazing Spider-Man #38 Cover Back

Amazing Spider-Man #38 Regular Kaare Andrews Cover (2002)

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Condition Notes: Some spine ticks/breaks; Small corner ding

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Released: 2002

Cover Artist: Kaare Andrews

Description: THE SCOOP: 'Nuff Said! Okay, so we all know that J. Michael Straczynski can tell an awesome story... but can he do it without words?! Time for John Romita, Jr. to cut loose! THE STORY: In December, no one can hear you go Thwip! THE BUZZ: "While Paul Jenkins is doing excellent work with the character of Peter Parker over in his book, and Brian Michael Bendis is doing great old-school stuff in the two Ultimate books, Straczynski is telling one of the best Spider-Man action stories I've ever read."

Writer: J. Michael Straczynski

Pencils: John Romita, Jr.

Inks: Scott Hanna

Colors: Dan Kemp

Letters: Richard Starkings; Wes Abbott; Comicraft