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Amazing Spider-Man #56 Cover Front
Amazing Spider-Man #56 Cover Back

Amazing Spider-Man #56 Regular Mike Deodato Jr Cover (2003)

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Condition Notes: Some spine ticks/breaks; Some small scuff marks on back cover

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Released: 2003

Cover Artist: Mike Deodato Jr.

Description: Spider-Man watches Melissa for 8 nights, following her as she searches for Joshua, who disappeared after leaving jail; When drug dealers corner her looking to collect on Joshua's debts, Spidey creates a disturbance allowing Melissa to escape; Exhausted over following Melissa every night, Peter visits the courthouse to learn details about Joshua's parole but gets nowhere; Leaving, he encounters Ezekiel who tells him he's there attending to legal matters; Later, Peter dreams about a fashion district location where parolees are congregating; Having webbed Melissa's window shut, Spidey makes sure she's stuck at home before finding Joshua at the location Thinking he's breaking up a criminal operation, Spidey attacks.

Writer: Fiona Avery; J. Michael Straczynski

Pencils: John Romita, Jr.

Inks: Scott Hanna

Colors: Dan Kemp

Letters: Randy Gentile; Virtual Calligraphy