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Askani'son #1 Cover Front
Askani'son #1 Cover Back

Askani'son #1 Regular Gene Ha Cover (1996)

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Publisher: Marvel Comics

Released: 1996

Cover Artist: Gene Ha

Description: Young Nathan Dayspring has grown into an angry young man. He and Tetherblood are arrested by Straitor Umbridge. Nate begins to suffer from the techno-organic virus and is helped by the mysterious Blaquesmith and plucks the "Professor" from Nate's chest and begins to act as Nathan's personal guide. Nate and Tetherblood crawl into an escape pod and take off. Tribune Haight tells Umbridge that he wants her to destroy the last of the Clan Askani. In Egypt, Nathan's evil clone, Stryfe, activates the android, Zero, in hopes that the unit will help him resurrect the high lord Apocalypse.

Writer: Scott Lobdell; Jeph Loeb

Pencils: Gene Ha

Inks: Andrew Pepoy

Colors: Kevin Somers; Malibu's Hues

Letters: Richard Starkings; Comicraft