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Avengers #345 Cover Front
Avengers #345 Cover Back

Avengers #345 Regular Steve Epting Cover (1992)

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Condition Notes: Spine ticks/breaks; Bent/creased corners; Loose cover; Dent on front that is difficult to see on scan

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Released: 1992

Cover Artist: Steve Epting

Description: Story continues from Wonder Man 7. The Avengers attack in outer space! Thor, Quasar, Sersi, and the Vision charge into the Milky Way to intercept the Shi'ar invasion fleet and rescue the Starcore crew! In an awesome display of their powers, the four mighty avengers storm the Shi'ar flagship and halt its advance! Several hours later inside Avengers Mansion, Captain America calls together more than twenty avengers to announce his plan to stop the Kree-Shi'ar war! Seven avengers will travel to Hala to negotiate with the Kree, while seven more avengers journey to Chandilar to reason with the Shi'ar! And the remaining avengers will guard the Earth! Iron Man and the star-spangled avenger will lead the Kree contingent. Wonder Man and the Scarlet Witch will guide the Shi'ar expedition! Good luck to both teams! They're going to need it! Story continues in Iron Man 278.

Writer: Bob Harras

Pencils: Steve Epting

Inks: Tom Palmer

Colors: Tom Palmer

Letters: Bill Oakley