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Avengers #7 Cover Front
Avengers #7 Cover Back

Avengers #7 Regular George Perez Cover (1998)

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Condition Notes: Some small spine ticks/breaks

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Released: 1998

Cover Artist: George Pérez

Description: Story continued from Quicksilver (1996-1997) #10. Warbird has been taken captive by a renegade band of alien Kree. These alien outlaws plan to use the former Ms. Marvel's unique genetic makeup (she's part human and part Kree) to transform the Earth's population into a race of Neo-Kree. Now, the Avengers, with Quicksilver in tow, must rocket to the moon to try and stop this mad scheme before it comes to fruition.

Writer: Kurt Busiek

Pencils: George Pérez

Inks: Al Vey

Colors: Tom Smith

Letters: Richard Starkings; Comicraft; Dave Lanphear