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Avengers #8 Cover Front
Avengers #8 Cover Back

Avengers #8 Regular George Perez Cover (1998)

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Condition Notes: Corner ding

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Released: 1998

Cover Artist: George Pérez

Description: Jarvis, Tony Stark's long time butler and now caretaker of Avenger's Mansion, goes to the airport to meet Maria De Guadalupe, a child Jarvis has been sponsoring for some time now but has never met. What Jarvis also doesn't know is that Maria has grown into the heroine known as Silver Claw (1st appearance). Plus, meet the newest hero on the block - Triathlon (1st appearance). He is unknown to the Avengers but there is something strangely familiar about the powers of this mysterious new hero.

Writer: Kurt Busiek

Pencils: George Pérez

Inks: Al Vey

Colors: Tom Smith

Letters: Richard Starkings; Comicraft; Dave Lanphear