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Avengers Annual #20 Cover Front
Avengers Annual #20 Cover Back

Avengers Annual #20 Regular Tom Morgan Cover (1991)

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Condition Notes: Some spine ticks/breaks; Light crease on front that is difficult to see on scan

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Released: 1991

Cover Artist: Tom Morgan

Description: Hercules and Sersi's afternoon stroll down Broadway is interrupted by an explosion from down below! Suddenly a large hole has opened up in the pavement and hordes of Lava Men, Tyrannoids, and Moloids are pouring out! Where are these strange creatures running to? Or perhaps the better question…what are they running from?! In a matter of minutes, Earth's Mightiest Heroes arrive on Broadway and send the subterraneans scurrying back down their hole! Is this adventure over for the Avengers? Not quite. Quasar guides the team underground where in the shadows…the Mole Man, Tyrannus, and Grotesk lurk! Oh my, that's all-star collection of subsurface super-villains! Avengers Assemble! But not against that subterranean trio! Rather against Brutus and his hard-charging Deviants! Story continues in Incredible Hulk Annual 17.

Writer: Various

Pencils: Various