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Avengers West Coast Annual #7 Cover Front
Avengers West Coast Annual #7 Cover Back

Avengers West Coast Annual #7 Regular Dave Ross Cover (1992)

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Condition Notes: Some small spine ticks/breaks; Some light dents on front that are difficult to see on scan; Corner ding

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Released: 1992

Cover Artist: Dave Ross

Description: Professor Power is trying to create duplicates of the iron monger armor in his manufacturing plant in Kansas City. Darkhawk, Iron Man, Spider-woman, and the Scarlet Witch attack the facility to destroy the assembly line and rescue Jim Rhodes, but the mighty Mek-Men stand in their way! Avengers Lineup: Hawkeye, Iron Man, Living Lightning, Scarlet Witch, Spider-woman, U.S. Agent, and Wonder Man.

Writer: Various

Pencils: Various