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Black Widow #19 Variant Cover Front
Black Widow #19 Variant Cover Back

Black Widow #19 Dan Hipp Variant Cover (2015)

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Publisher: Marvel Comics

Released: 2015

Cover Artist: Dan Hipp

Description:Secret Wars: Last Days - January: Part 1 of 2 - Written by Nathan Edmondson. Art by Phil Noto. Cover by Dan Hipp. TOO LATE FOR REDEMPTION? At the end of all things, Black Widow finds herself unexpectedly connected to one of the darkest moments of her past. See how the first lines of red in her ledger were written. Will Natasha fall into darkness or rage against the dying of the light?

Writer:  Nathan Edmondson

Pencils:  Phil Noto

Inks: Phil Noto

Colors: Phil Noto

Letters:  Virtual Calligraphy [as VC]; Clayton Cowles