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X-Factor #1 Regular Walt Simonson Cover (1986) Front
X-Factor #1 Regular Walt Simonson Cover (1986) Back

X-Factor #1 Regular Walt Simonson Cover (1986)

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Condition Notes: Spine ticks, bent corners

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Released: 1986

Cover Artist: Walt Simonson

Description: Charles Xavier is gone, whisked away to the far side of the universe by the Shi'Ar Empire (see Uncanny X-Men #200), but his dream is not dead. His original X-Men, Cyclops, Angel, Beast, Ice Man, and the recently resurrected Jean Grey, have reunited as the super-group called X-Factor to see his dream of mutants and humans co-existing in peace realized and brought to fruition.

Writer: Bob Layton

Pencils: Jackson Guice

Inks: Bob Layton; Jackson Guice; Joe Rubinstein

Colors: Petra Scotese; Christie Scheele [as Max Scheele]; Glynis Oliver