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X-Factor #8 Regular Marc Silvestri Cover (1986) Front
X-Factor #8 Regular Marc Silvestri Cover (1986) Back

X-Factor #8 Regular Marc Silvestri / Joe Rubinstein Cover (1986)

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Condition Notes: Spine ticks

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Released: 1986

Cover Artist: Marc Silvestri & Joe Rubinstein

Description: Freedom Force, the former Brotherhood of Evil Mutants and now government backed mutant hunters, show up to arrest Rusty (the fire-starter X-Factor has been looking after since X-Factor #1), who is wanted by the law. 1st appearance of Skids, a mutant whose personal force field allows her to avoid harm. Plus, Jean finds out that Scott and his wife Madelyne have a baby together.

Writer: Louise Simonson

Pencils: Marc Silvestri (breakdowns)

Inks: Joe Rubinstein [as Josef Rubinstein] (finishes)

Colors: Petra Scotese

Letters: Joe Rosen