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DC Versus Marvel #4 Cover Front
DC Versus Marvel #4 Cover Back

DC Versus Marvel #4 Regular Dan Jurgens Cover (1996)

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Condition Notes: Spine ticks, corner dings

Publisher: DC Comics / Marvel Comics

Released: 1996

Cover Artist: Dan Jurgens & Joe Rubinstein

Description:The DC and Marvel Universes have completely merged creating Amalgam versions of its inhabitants and worlds. Meanwhile, the immensely powerful beings known as the Spectre and Living-Tribunal struggle desperately to save reality. All the while, the key to survival may rest in hearts of Batman, Captain America, and the hands of a young man named Access.

Writer: Peter David

Pencils: Claudio Castellini; Dan Jurgens

Inks: Paul Neary; Joe Rubinstein

Colors: Gregory Wright; Digital Chameleon

Letters: Bill Oakley