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Executive Assistant Iris #1 Cover Front
Executive Assistant Iris #1 Cover Back

Executive Assistant Iris #1 Joe Benitez Variant Cover (2011)

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Condition Notes: Some spine ticks and small spots on front

Publisher: Aspen

Released: 2011

Cover Artist: Joe Benitez

Description:Iris is back, but will she survive - The Hit List Agenda!! Aspen's first ever intra-series summer event, 'The Hit List Agenda' takes off right HERE in the pages of this exciting first issue! A brand new corporate power player has emerged in the wake of Ching's death and Iris' disappearance, but this time, it is no man calling the shots, but a woman-Diane Coverdale. However, dangerous elements are still at play in the high stakes world of corporate domination, and Coverdale must obtain a familiar form of defense to guard herself and her assets-introducing Executive Assistant: Acteia. Sworn to protect her employer at all costs, Acteia proves to be quite deadly, but when Coverdale's life is threatened, she must learn that discretion can be as effective as any weapon in her arsenal. And how exactly does IRIS fit into all of this?? Pick up the thrilling first chapter of 'The Hit List Agenda' and find out! Aspen's first ever Summer-spanning event, 'The Hit List Agenda' starts right here with the return of Executive Assistant: Iris!

Writer: David Wohl

Pencils: Eduardo Francisco


Colors: Sunny Gho