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Guardians of the Galaxy #4 Cover Front
Guardians of the Galaxy #4 Cover Back

Guardians of the Galaxy #4 Regular Clint Langley Cover (2008)

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Condition Notes: Some small spine ticks

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Released: 2008

Cover Artist: Clint Langley

Description:When their HQ is sabotaged, the universe's scrappiest squad of butt-kickers must ask themselves: 'Who do you trust?' Is there a Skrull amongst the Guardians? Maybe the recently returned and revamped Adam Warlock? Or Star-Lord, who now hides behind a mask? And a talking raccoon and a telepathic dog? C'mon, people, you just know they're evil infiltrators! So jump onboard, Secret Invasion maniacs, and find out why says: '(Writers) DnA are on fire right now, and this team is brilliant.'

Writer: Dan Abnett; Andy Lanning

Pencils: Paul Pelletier

Inks: Rick Magyar

Colors: Guru eFX

Letters: Virtual Calligraphy [as VC]; Joe Caramagna