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Grimm Fairy Tales #14 Cover Front
Grimm Fairy Tales #14 Cover Back

Grimm Fairy Tales #14 Regular Al Rio Cover (2007)

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Condition Notes: Some scuffing around spine edges

Publisher: Zenescope

Released: 2007

Cover Artist: Al Rio

Description:After being dumped by his former girlfriend and embarassed by a new boyfriend, Drew is out to get some revenge no matter what the cost. Even an intervention by Sela and a trip to her fairy tale world seem to have little effect in changing his self destructive course. If he can't have his Beauty, then no one else will have her either. Will the Beast learn to control his anger before he destroys not only himself, but everything around him?

Writer: Joe Tyler; Ralph Tedesco

Pencils: Tommy Castillo

Inks: Tommy Castillo

Colors: Mark McNabb

Letters: Artmonkeys