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Inhumans #1 Cover Front
Inhumans #1 Cover Back

Inhumans #1 Regular Jose Ladronn Cover (2000)

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Condition Notes: Some spine ticks/breaks

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Released: 2000

Cover Artist: Jose Ladronn

Description:THE SCOOP: Hot on the heels of their acclaimed limited series, Marvel's strangest family returns in an all-new adventure! ? THE STORY: A clan of wanderers possessed of incredible powers... a race of warriors bent on reclaiming their lost empire... a Royal Family torn between home and destiny! Eons ago, the alien Kree performed genetic experimentation on the fledgling human race, resulting in the mysterious offshoot of humanity known as the Inhumans. Now, after their recent battle with mankind, their galactic forebears have returned?and Ronan the Accuser has come to claim the Inhumans! But how will the reforged chains of slavery restore the once-mighty Kree Empire? Find out as Black Bolt, Triton, Gorgon, Crystal, Medusa and Lockjaw return to action in an all-new tale by the creative team of writer Carlos Pacheco (AVENGERS FOREVER) and penciler Jose Ladronn (THOR 2000)! ? THE FORMAT: Four-issue monthly limited series.

Writer: Carlos Pacheco (signed); Rafael Marin

Pencils: Jose Ladronn

Inks: Jose Ladronn

Colors: Studio F

Letters:  Richard Starkings; Comicraft; Wes Abbott