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Lady Death Tribulation #2 Cover Front
Lady Death Tribulation #2 Cover Back

Lady Death Tribulation #2 Regular David Michael Beck Cover (2001)

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Condition Notes: Some small spine ticks/breaks

Publisher: Chaos

Released: 2001

Cover Artist: David Michael Beck

Description: Lady Death has been betrayed, and this time it's personal for the traitor is none other than her blood-sister, the Valkyrie, Vandala! Enraged, the Avatar of 'He Who Reaps' puts aside her battle against the threat of the Dark Millennium, consumed by a raging thirst for vengeance. But she soon finds that Vandala's power has grown to equal her own, and while the two are locked in a battle to the death, Abaddon's reign of darkness gains new allies: the unspeakable Pagan and Purgatori, Queen of the Undead!

Writer: Len Kaminski

Pencils: Ivan Reis

Inks: Joe Pimentel

Colors: Roy Young; Tanya Young

Letters: Comicraft; Oscar Gongora