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Masters of the Universe #1 Regular Cover Front
Masters of the Universe #1 Regular Cover Back

Masters of the Universe #1 Regular Emiliano Santalucia Cover (2003)

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Publisher: Image Comics

Released: 2003

Cover Artist: Emiliano Santalucia

Description:The Concept: In a realm where sorcery meets science, The Masters of the Universe set forth to protect all of Eternia from the evil onslaught of Skeletor and his evil forces. It's an epic tale of good versus evil, where there is new danger and suspense at every turn. The story we all loved from the 80's is reborn and re-launched for a new era. This Issue: The heroic Masters wage a new battle against Skeletor's sinister plot to take Grayskull for his own. But a terrible mishap produces unforeseen results. What happens next will shock everyone across the face of Eternia. This first issue to the regular series sets the stage for something that no Master ever dreamed they would face.

Writer: Val Staples

Pencils: Emiliano Santalucia

Inks: Marco Failla