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Miss Fury #3 Variant Cover Front
Miss Fury #3 Variant Cover Back

Miss Fury #3 Paul Renaud Variant Cover (2013)

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Condition Notes: Some spine ticks/breaks

Publisher: Dynamite Comics

Released: 2013

Cover Artist: Paul Renaud

Description:In 1943 Miss Fury is drunk and suicidal, tight rope walking on the edge of one of Manhattan's highest skyskrapers, in 2013 she's involved in a life-or-death high speed bike chase through the centre of Washington DC with time travelling armoured Nazi agents. Which reality is true? Meanwhile, CIA Agent Harmon reveals to Miss Fury the true identity of the scientist who sent her hurtling through time, but when she tracks down one of the top Nazi agents in 2013, she discovers the that her war may have already been lost.

Writer: Rob Williams

Pencils: Jack Herbert

Inks: Jack Herbert

Colors: Ivan Nunes

Letters: Simon Bowland