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Time Warp #1 Cover Front
Time Warp #1 Cover Back

Time Warp #1 Regular Mike Kaluta Cover (1979)

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Condition Notes: Multiple issues- Corner creases; Corner dings; Spine ticks/breaks;

Publisher: DC Comics

Released: 1979

Cover Artist: Mike Kaluta

Description: If the World Had to End Twice..., script by Denny O'Neil, art by Rich Buckler and Dick Giordano; Commander Saturn uses a solar laser to destroy all life on the Earth to stop an alien invasion; Years later he uses the laser one last time to clear the ice for the last two humans to have a place to live. Mating Game, script by Michael Fleisher, art by Steve Ditko; Mona and her friends are tricked into going to another planet to be mates for a group of aliens. The Righteous Ones, script by George Kashdan, art by Dick Giordano; A family of three survives nuclear Armageddon; An alien race comes to rescue them and transport them to another planet but they cannot do so when their pilot is killed by the survivors. The Survivors, script by Mike W. Barr, art by Tom Sutton; Laurel is transformed into one of the "smellies", the local alien race that is trying to wipe out the human outpost on an alien world. Forecast, script by Jack C. Harris, art by Steve Ditko; Superioron and his alien crew plan to invade the Earth. The Monsters, script by Michael Fleisher, art by Jerry Grandenetti. Rescue, script by Bob Rozakis, art by Don Newton and Dan Adkins. The Man Who Could See Yesterday!, script by Paul Levitz, art by Jim Aparo. Wonder Woman Saves the Astronauts Hostess ad, art by Curt Swan and Vince Colletta. Discussion of the attempts by both Joe Orlando and Jack C. Harris to do a science fiction anthology.

Writer: Various

Pencils: Various