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Ultimates 2 #1 Cover Front
Ultimates 2 #1 Cover Front

Ultimates 2 #1 Regular Bryan Hitch Cover (2005)

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Condition Notes: Some spine ticks/breaks, corner ding

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Released: 2005

Cover Artist: Bryan Hitch

Description:The ULTIMATES return in this BLOCKBUSTER first issue! It's been one year since they stopped an alien invasion, and now things get hard. New members, new costumes and 12 months of gossip to catch up on! Who's getting married? Who's divorced? Who's gone nuts since we last saw them? Why, just in this first arc we see Ultimate Hulk, the secret origin of Ultimate Thor, and we get a look at the entire Ultimate Universe as drawn by Bryan Hitch! It's guest-stars galore, with everyone from the X-Men, Daredevil, Captain Britain and even The Defenders. Why are you reading this? Go reserve a copy NOW!

Writer: Mark Millar

Pencils:  Bryan Hitch

Inks: Paul Neary

Colors: Laura Martin

Letters:  Chris Elliopoulos