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Vesper #1 Cover Front
Vesper #1 Cover Back

Vesper #1 Regular James O'Barr / Hannibal King Cover (2001)

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Publisher: Acetylene Comics

Released: 2001

Cover Artist: James O'Barr

Description:Sabrina Reeves is a police detective, a recent addition to the local force, joining after a few brief years as a CIA operative. Joining the agency was her lifelong dream... one that became a nightmare as she realized the callousness with which she would have to serve... and the callousness that her father was capable of. So she quit. But you can't just quit. Sabrina left behind larger than life villains, life endangering missions... or so she thought. In leaving, her fate was signed over to the Council, a board of the most influential women in the world. As a condition for being able to walk away from her government service, Sabrina must now serve the council. And carry out their orders. It's the only thing stopping them from killing her.

Writer: John LaFleur; Hannibal King

Pencils: Hannibal King

Inks: Hannibal King

Colors: Dynomokid

Letters: Trish LaFleur