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Wolverine Weapon X #3 Variant Cover Front
Wolverine Weapon X #3 Variant Cover Back

Wolverine Weapon X #3 Salvador Larroca Variant Cover (2009)

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Condition Notes: Some very small spine ticks/breaks

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Released: 2009

Cover Artist: Salvador Larroca

Description: In the third issue of this all-new ongoing series from the same creative team as last year's sold-out 'Get Mystique' storyline, the super soldiers of Strikeforce X have Wolverine trapped in the jungles of Colombia. They are heavily armed, ruthlessly brutal and outnumber him 12 to 1. But when one of their ranks disappears and screams begin to ring out through the darkness each night, the soldiers ask themselves...who's really the hunted?

Writer: Jason Aaron

Pencils: Ron Garney

Inks: Ron Garney

Colors: Jason Keith

Letters: Virtual Calligraphy; Cory Petit