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Zombie Tramp #18 TMChu Risque Variant Cover (2015) Front
Zombie Tramp #18 TMChu Risque Variant Cover (2015) Back

Zombie Tramp #18 TMChu Risque Variant Cover (2015)

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Publisher: Action Lab Comics

Released: 2015

Cover Artist: TMChu

Description: Zombie Tramp heads back to school to break up the coven of teenage witches using her uploaded Necronomicon to power their tablets. But can one supernatural zombie hold her own against a gang of spell casting mean girls?!? Features a variant and risque variant cover by series creator Dan Mendoza, and an artist showcase variant by Brian Hess (Awake). As Janey approaches Florida she witnesses a teenage goth geek girl tortured and murdered by four trendy mall rats. Not her problem. But when she realizes the murderous click are using blinged-out iTablets to cast Necro-spells, she can't let it slide. Follow this exciting story arc as Zombie Tramp returns to high school Jumpstreet style to solve the mystery of the I-witches.

Writer: Dan Mendoza

Pencils: Victoria Harris