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Zorro #0 Cover Front
Zorro #0 Cover Back

Zorro #0 Regular Brian Stelfreeze Cover Polybagged (1993)

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Condition Notes: Some spine ticks/breaks

Publisher: Topps

Released: 1993

Cover Artist: Brian Stelfreeze

Description:A cannon-blast of explosive excitement! A savage, mind-numbingly brutal tale! Issue Zero introduces a deadly new villain who will be playing a major part in the regular series. Buck Wylde is a huge, monstrous, renegade Mountain man who creates bizarre animal traps specifically designed to brutally cripple and maim before they kill. Because he is alone, in the middle of the remote, frontier wilderness, he is free to do anything and everything to his helpless quarry. Then Zorro almost falls victim to one of his hideous snares. From that moment on, Buck Wylde's sadistic bloodsport with wildlife is transformed into a savage blood-combat. To preserve the lifestyle he leads, Buck Wylde must slay Zorro.

Writer: Don McGregor

Pencils: Mike Mayhew

Inks: John Nyberg

Colors: Digital Chameleon

Letters:  John Costanza